Easy Homemade Braided Dessert Recipe

Easy Homemade Braided Dessert Recipe
Easy Homemade Braided Dessert Recipe

How to make Braided Dessert Recipe

Braided Dessert Ingredients
50 gr. butter – melted
½ cup sunflower oil
½ cup milk milk
3.5 cup flour
1 packet of baking powder
2 handful walnuts – coarsely ground
Ingredients for Sherbet
2 cups of granulated sugar
3 cups of water
4 – 5 drops of lemon juice

For Sherbet; Boil water and granulated sugar in a saucepan. When it boils, squeeze the lemon juice and boil it again, remove it from the stove and let it cool.

In a mixing bowl, mix the melted butter, sunflower oil and milk with a whisk.

Mix the flour and baking powder in a separate mixing bowl and sift it into the milk mixture.

Knead into a dough.

Cut walnut-sized pieces from the dough.

Roll the dough first, then make it flat and give it an ellipse shape.

Put a long crushed walnut in the middle of the dough.

Make four or five cuts on the edges of the dough with a knife.

Cover the dough you have cut by crossing each other crosswise.

Bake in a preheated oven at 190 degrees for 20 – 25 minutes.

Take the cooled sherbet on your desserts that you took out of the oven and serve.



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