Easy Homemade DESSERT Recipe

Easy Homemade NURIYE DESSERT Recipe
Easy Homemade NURIYE DESSERT Recipe

How to make DESSERT Recipe

Ingredients 1 teaspoon of cream for half a teaspoon of salt. For sherbet: 2 cups of powdered sugar 2 cups of water 2 teaspoons of lemon juice Take the sugar and water in the pot and boil for 5 minutes. Add lemon juice and boil for 1-2 more. Take it out of the fire and let it cool.

Put 1 egg and 5 egg whites into the dough kneading bowl. Add half a glass of brine and whisk until it turns into a snow. Add flour and knead a soft dough. Cut walnut-sized pieces from the dough and prepare meringues. Cover them with a damp cloth and rest for 30 minutes.

Melt the margarine and cool it to a semi-frozen consistency. Grease a 30-35 cm diameter tray with 1 tablespoon margarine. Separate 2 tablespoons of walnut to sprinkle over the dessert.

Spread the cloth with starch and open very thinly. Spread 15 doughs on the tray with oil in two layers. Sprinkle with walnuts. Spread the remaining dough on the tray in the same way. Lubricate the top dough. Bake in a preheated 170 degree oven with a light pink top for 25-30 minutes.

Heat the milk and pour it over the dessert. Cover the tray with a lid and leave for 10-15 minutes. Pour about a third of the sherbet on the dessert. Close the lid again and wait for it to pull the syrup. Boil the remaining syrup for another 7-8 minutes and darken it and roll over the dessert. When the dessert cools, slice it. Garnish with cream and walnuts and serve.

Enjoy your meal.


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