Easy Homemade FISH MEAT WITH SAUCE Recipe

Easy Homemade IZMIR MEATBALLS Recipe
Easy Homemade IZMIR MEATBALLS Recipe

How to make FISH MEAT WITH SAUCE Recipe

  • 300 gr bonito fillet2 slices of stale bread Half a bunch of parsley1 egg white1 teaspoon milk4 tablespoon flour1 tablespoon tomato puree3 onion Half a glass of water3 tablespoon sunflower oil1 teaspoon black pepper Salt

Peel onions and chop small. Clean and chop the parsley. Heat 1 spoon of sunflower oil in a pan and pink the onion. Crush the tomato paste with half a glass of water, add to the onion and cook. Sprinkle with salt and remove the sauce from the fire.

Soften the bread in milk and squeeze it well by hand. Take the robot and add the meat, egg whites, half of parsley, salt and pepper and grind. Put the mixture in the bowl and knead. Make ball meatballs in the size of walnuts.

Heat the remaining oil in the pan. Put the prepared meatballs one by one in flour and fry in oil. Take it on a paper towel and remove the excess oil. Spread the sauce you prepared over the meatballs and sprinkle with the remaining parsley. Cover and cook on low heat for 5 minutes. Serve hot.

Enjoy your meal.


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