Easy Homemade Meftune Recipe

Easy Homemade Meftune Recipe
Easy Homemade Meftune Recipe

How to make Meftune Recipe

  • 1 kg of sheep cubed1.5 kg of eggplant1 kg of tomatoes2 tablespoons sumac1 cup of water Salt salt
  • pulbiber

Wash the meat and spread it on the bottom of the pot with salt. Mix 2 tablespoons of suma with 1 cup of water and leave for 15 minutes. Strain through a thin cheesecloth. Peel the peel of the eggplants variegated. Cut it four in length and cut it into small pieces. Soak in brine and drain. Peel and dice the tomatoes.

Place the vegetables you prepared on the meat in the pot. Add sumac water and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Cook over medium heat until the meats are tender. Serve hot.

Chef’s Comment: You can also add tomato paste to the Meftune dish. You can also add crushed garlic after serving.
Enjoy your meal.


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