Easy Homemade Pumpkin Pie Recipe

How to make Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Pumpkin Pie Cakes
500 gr. pumpkin
¾ cup of granulated sugar
1 stick cinnamon
1 handful of walnuts – crushed
6 leaves of baklava with leaflets
100 gr. butter
Powdered sugar

Chop the pumpkin into large cubes.

Put the pumpkin, granulated sugar and stick cinnamon in a saucepan and cook on low heat.

After cooking, remove the stick cinnamon and crush the mortar with a crushing apparatus or with a fork.

Then add the walnuts you beat and put aside and cool them. place. Spread butter on the top layer and cut the pastries in half. Spread and roll out the mortar you prepared on the short edge of the dough.

Slice 5-inch wide rolls. Prepare the other dough in the same way and place the dough in your oven dish. >


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