Easy Homemade Sushi Recipe

Easy Homemade SUSHI Recipe
Easy Homemade SUSHI Recipe

How to make SUSHI Recipe

  • 100 gr Japanese rice1 tea glass of rice vinegar1 teaspoon of powdered sugar thin salmon slices Steamed shrimp Finely sliced ​​sea bass and tunaFine sliced ​​cucumber and avocado

Wash the Japanese rice with plenty of water and strain. Take it to its special pot and cook it until it remains light. Mix and cool the rice. Add rice vinegar and sugar and blend again.

Prepare pieces of meatballs made of rice, two fingers thick and one finger long. Place seabass, tuna, salmon or shrimp cut in the same size on the rice patties. Serve the sushi set on a serving plate with ginger pickles, sliced ​​avocado, cucumber and soy sauce.

Enjoy your meal.


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