Easy Homemade WALNUT KETE Recipe

Easy Homemade LAMB SHUTTLE Recipe
Easy Homemade LAMB SHUTTLE Recipe

How to make WALNUT KETE Recipe

  • 1 kg flour1 pack of fresh yeast Half cup of warm water1 dessert spoon of powder sugar 1 cup of milk1 cup of yogurt1 cup of oil1 egg1 cup of ground walnuts250 g butter1 egg yolk salt

Yeast and melt the sugar in half a glass of warm water. Let it sit in a warm environment until it rises.

Put the flour in the dough bowl and open the middle like a pool. Add the leavened mixture, milk, yogurt, oil, egg and salt and knead until you get a medium soft dough. Cover it with a damp cloth and leave it for 1 hour at room temperature.

Melt the butter and warm it. Cut tangerine-sized pieces from the dough and roll it into a cloth. Open each piece of bread half the size of the dough, roll it with butter and sprinkle with walnuts. Wrap in a roll. Extend the roll by pinching it with your fingers. Beginning at one end, wrap and form a rose. Flatten it by pressing it with your hand.

Lightly grease the baking tray. Arrange the flaps in the tray intermittently and rub on them with beaten egg yolks. Bake in a preheated 180 degree oven for 20-25 minutes. Serve hot or warm accompanied by buttermilk.

Enjoy your meal.


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